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30/09/2014 News

Our new corporate campaign

Total Adopts a New Global Signature


The new signature expresses our ambitious vision of being the company whose actions inspire confidence in a responsible energy future. It moves us beyond the idea of “more”, which we are rightly expected to deliver to meet the world’s ever-growing energy needs.
By positioning ourselves in the “Better” semiotic, we are addressing the aspirations of our stakeholders, who expect us to constantly improve the way we do our jobs and nurture our relationships.
“Committed” affirms the dedication of all of our 98,000 employees to making this vision a reality. They are the force driving the continuous improvement that is enabling us to steadily progress towards “Better Energy” with all that entails: improved safety, enhanced quality, more innovation, wider accessibility and more extensive dialogue. 
By embedding “COMMITTED TO BETTER ENERGY” in our brand promise, we have set our course on a sustainable future and provided a framework for everything we do.